My Dad's Sleep Advice

Normally with unsolicited advice, I ignore and continue the train of thought I was on. I never want to let it bother me. But something my father said when I was a teenager really resonated with me and I carry it with me everywhere I go - now I’m even sharing it with you.

If your body is at rest, at least it is comfortable and recharging its battery, so to say. When your body is at rest, not necessarily asleep, it allows your muscles to release and the tension to slowly unplug, resets your time clock, and lets your mind unwind because it also recharges your mind.

Dealing with painsomnia

We know we all have nights when sometimes it’s our anxieties that keep us up. Sometimes it’s painsomnia. These are the nights I take my dad's advice to heart and know that I will likely be sitting awake most of the night just trying to get some reprieve from moving around so much.

Of course, if you’re struggling with painsomnia, it might be quite difficult to get the real rest you need. You might have muscle contractions, tension headaches, genetic migraines, or other health conditions that severely impact your ability to rest and recharge.

Giving my body rest

These are the times my dad has always given me the advice to just be as still as possible, get as comfortable as possible, curl up into some pillows and ease into a position you’ll be comfortable in for as long as possible.

Yesterday, I took this advice and just stayed in bed. It was the first time in a long time I let myself just stay in bed, and on a weekend. I was in a ton of stomach pain and jaw pain and have had many sleepless nights lately.

Setting myself up for comfort and rest

Though I could hardly get comfortable, I made myself get back into bed. It took a bit to get comfortable, but I finally did and was surrounded by big pillows and blankets. And soon, my animals came and laid by me like they usually do when I don’t feel well.

We have to remember to rest and recharge. I’ll take my dad’s advice everywhere we go because I know in some way it helps to refresh me and reenergize me. Hopefully, in there, I may even fall asleep while I do some grounding work.

Soaking up stillness

Even though I spent the whole day in bed yesterday after following this advice, I only got about 1.5 hours of actual sleep, though I've been sleep deprived. But that wasn't the purpose this time. When I rest with the advice given to me, the intention is to be still and to soak up the stillness. To let my muscles reset and let my body sink into the bed and feel support, ease, and calmness.

What are ways you allow yourself stillness when you're dealing with painsomnia and just feel like you can't catch a break or seem to get any sleep, or rest? How do you reset your clock without rest or sleep?

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