Dreams That Cause Exhaustion Are a Nightmare

It is not often that I sleep long enough or deep enough to dream, but I find that when I do my sleep is quickly interrupted. What I mean is when I start to dream, it is inevitable that something will occur to end my slumber. Once I am awake, it keeps me awake. It also leaves me feeling exhausted.

While it sounds nice to have the kind of sleep that permits dreams, I feel like I have had less sleep when this occurs. I cannot say that I often feel well-rested, but I feel worse when dreams invade my slumber. It is almost as if my body thinks it has engaged in all the physical activity that took place during my time in dreamland. I wake up a bit startled and feeling like I have not slept at all.

Dreamland 5K and other nightmares

I do occasionally have nightmares, and those cause their fair share of problems. This is different. I am not talking about scary visions that frighten me enough to startle me out of my sleep. I mean dreams that involve physical activity during whatever scenario my mind has conjured up for the night’s entertainment. This leaves me feeling as if I have spent hours walking, hiking, swimming, or any number of activities that my brain decided we were going to dream up during the brief time I was actually sleeping.

Luckily, my dreams do not allow me to sleep for hours. I would rather not wake up feeling like I have completed a marathon or attempted to swim the Hudson. Waking up feeling like I have already been running around for half a day is quite enough, thank you. Even a short dream makes me feel like I have been busy for a while, and that adds to the exhaustion I feel on a regular basis. Surely, I cannot be the only one who experiences this.

Pitfalls of medications

One of the biggest problems I have had with taking medication for insomnia is it sends me into a state where dreams occur more frequently. I wake up groggy after taking any type of sleeping pill, but add my dreams to the mix and medication leaves me feeling exhausted and frustrated.

It is rare for a medication to allow me to stay asleep for long. On the rare occasions when that has happened, I spent the following day feeling as if I had not slept in a few days. It is as if I have already completed a day of activity before I ever got out of bed in the morning. That makes for a very long day.

Bouts of dream-filled sleep

I have also noticed that bouts of sleep where I dream comes in spells. Once I have the first night of dreams, I know it will stick around for a week or two. That means I am going to feel dead on my feet for a while, and my productivity is going to tank.

For someone who is currently attempting to rebuild strength and endurance through physical therapy, this creates a number of problems. I am accustomed to the normal fatigue of having insomnia. Add in invasive dreams, and it is extremely difficult for me to accomplish my goals throughout the day.

Dreaming of nights without dreams

Perhaps the time will come where I can sleep more than 2 hours at a time without having dreams that leave me exhausted. Perhaps I will find a medication that does not lead to dreams that seem to go on and on and leave me feeling groggy.

Maybe someday I will find a solution to my sleep woes. Until I find an effective treatment, I am simply along for the ride and left trying to figure out how to function throughout my busy days.

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