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Tom Sheppard

Insomnia Community Advocate Tom SheppardTom was previously an advocate on

Tom Sheppard is looking for the answer to the enduring insomnia question, “how do I get more sleep?" In his late 70's he's had the solution more than once, but every time the answer was in the long term ineffective.

He has not had the proper amount of sleep in many years. The impact of several health issues, including Parkinson’s and prostate cancer, has probably contributed to the lack of sleep.

Despite the health issues and being sleep deprived, he exercises intensely two to three hours per day. He believes that exercise slows the progression of Parkinson's. He has taken an active role in his local Parkinson's community and has written about his experience of living with Parkinson's and expects to do the same with insomnia.

He firmly believes, "motion is lotion, but life sure would be more comfortable with a good night's sleep."

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