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Bedtime and Sleep Masks

Having lived with insomnia for many years, I have tried so many different things at various stages and I have often gone back to some old ones. Sometimes they work again and sometimes they don't. I have actively sought out some new tricks to try and work with and see how, if at all, they help me manage my insomnia. The last few weeks of June were pretty rough, so I tried to see if maybe shaking things up a little would help. So, I made a goal to establish a better bedtime and to try a new sleep mask for insomnia.

Sleep masks

There is always a hot debate about if sleep masks work? Do they help with insomnia? Are they good for your eyes? The list goes on.

So, I have decided to seek out what I feel will still be healthy for my eyes while providing total sensory deprivation, a contoured shape, and space for my eyelids to glitter and flutter as they do when I sleep. Once the mask is fitted, it looks kinda like 2 massive bubble eyes on your face.

How they look makes no difference to me. As long as they are breathable, comfortable, dark, and good for my eye health.

Sleep training

What do I hope to gain from this? Better sleep would be the easiest answer. But the more truthful answer is that I would like to train my body and mind to know this is part of my sleep routine. Also to make sure the light is not keeping me up at night or waking me either. With this all happening, hopefully, good sleep will also soon follow.

Bedtime routine

Sleep hygiene is something I have read up about a lot and in the past. I have tried to do bedtime routines before, and I failed dramatically. Since, I have decided the time is right to give it a go again. 

My bed for the time being will only be for sleep during the hours of 11 PM and 6 AM. This gives me 30 minutes to settle, 6 hours to sleep, and 30 minutes to wake up and get out of bed.

During the day there will be no naps or resting moments on my bed. My bed will be made and tonight at 11 PM, it will meet and greet me with open and loving duvets.  There will be no sitting in my bed reading and doom scrolling social media either. I have gone as far as making myself a sign that will lay there once my bed is made that says "11 PM - 6 AM ONLY". Call it a visual reminder.

Bedtime and sleep masks for insomnia

Once again, you may be wondering what I hope to achieve with my new bedtime and sleep masks for insomnia. Habit, routine, and apparently with time, (4 to 6 weeks, I believe) I should start to see an improvement in my sleep and the quality of sleep. One can but hope.  Alarms are set and I am ready to go.

We would love to hear from you! If you have tried a bedtime routine or sleep masks, what was your experience with them like? Any tips are welcome, as I am flying solo on this mission to accomplish better and more sleep.

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