All Good Things Must Come to an End, But Please, Not Yet!

I think I am on an upswing, finally. However, I am a natural-born worrier, and I am afraid it won't last. It feels good to have a leg up on my insomnia issues for once, but there is always the chance it could all come crashing down. That scares me.

It’s been such a relief to sleep – really sleep and sleep well. All good things, right?

The change in my sleep experience

For the last several months, I have had maybe a dozen nights total with little to no sleep. It's been rare for me to toss and turn all night. My thoughts aren't racing, I am not waking and lying wide awake staring at the ceiling for hours on end.

I can't express the relief I feel at the change I am experiencing. I believed for many years that insomnia was my new best friend, by my side forevermore. It seems, for the time being anyway, I am in a holding pattern – a good one.

My sleep inventory

I am sleeping so well, in fact, that I decided to take inventory of all the things I am doing as of right now in the hopes I can keep this ball rolling a while longer.

These things may only work for me for the time being, but seeing them in black and white in one place helps drive home the point that something I am doing is working:

  • I am dealing with my tinnitus and Meniere's disease by taking CoQ10 daily and have been for well over a year and a half now.
  • I stopped eating large meals after 7 pm, and have managed to stick with that for a while now.
  • I settle in for bed now no later than 8:45 pm or so each night whether I am sleepy or not. I relax on the couch long before I go to bed and fall asleep there before moving to the bed.
  • A contour pillow seems to have really helped me stay on my side at night. Sleeping on my stomach was comfortable, but not recommended due to issues with my jaw and grinding my teeth.
  • White noise has been a part of my sleep routine for close to 10 years, and I will continue to incorporate it. Tuning out all other sounds seems to help a great deal.
  • I added a weighted blanket to my nights last year. While I don't sleep under it, I do fold it and lay it across my legs.
  • I highly recommend the Insight Timer app. I use the meditation selections to wind down and typically fall asleep to them.

Guarding my sleep streak

Fingers and toes crossed, my sleep streak will continue. After such a long string of successes, I hate to think of moving backward at this point. I have been doing too well for too long.

Not normally someone who looks on the bright side of things, it's difficult to get my hopes up, but sleep is precious and I can't help but believe I have found the right blend of factors and they last. Here's hoping I can hold my insomnia at bay indefinitely. I know... I know...

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