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Changing Bedding Can Change Your Sleep

Last updated: January 2023

The seasons are changing and the temperature is dropping so I needed to add to the bedding in my motorhome. I had opted to pass on changing out bedding for the last couple of years and used an electric blanket during the cooler months. I had planned on adding an electric blanket to my bed in the next few days. In fact, I had just purchased a brand-new electric blanket. My plans changed by chance. Can changing bedding help insomnia? Here is my experience:

Buying bargain bedding for the changing seasons

While on a shopping trip, I found a gorgeous comforter with a very low price tag. I mean, this was a deal you just can’t pass up kind of low price. It would also match my decor. Considering the cheap items I usually find are gaudy things that would look completely out of place in my space, it was a great find.

I decided that finding such a bargain meant it was time to pack away the lighter summer bedding and swap to something heavier and warmer. I snatched it up and threw it in my basket, happy that I had found such a bargain.

Trying a heavier, warmer comforter

When I say this is a heavier comforter, I mean it is much heavier than the comforter I had on my bed. It is thick and fluffy and just feels heavy. It is also of great quality. Let me say, this is really the type of comforter that is just for looks and is generally taken off the bed at night. It’s dry clean only.

Well, I got it at a bargain and I don’t care about what it is supposed to be. I’m going to use it every night.

I placed it over the bed and had to work to stuff the edges between the mattress and my bedside table. When I say it’s thick, I mean it. I worried it might be too warm but I was certainly going to try it before making a decision on whether it stayed on the bed or not.

Will a heavy blanket be too warm?

I like a heavier blanket. For whatever reason, I sleep better with a heavier blanket. Unfortunately, most of the heavier blankets are too warm. If I get hot at night, I cannot sleep. I have enough trouble sleeping so I definitely don’t want to add to the problem.

Also, it was now too cool at night to stick with the lighter bedding. I need the temperature to say in a certain range for me to get as much sleep as possible. If it’s too hot, I can’t sleep. If it’s too cold, I can’t sleep. Would the heavier blanket be too much? I really hoped not.

Will new bedding help me sleep better at night?

The first night was a bit of an adjustment at first. The thicker comforter didn’t fold the same as the lighter bedding. It was different, but it wasn’t hot. After figuring out how to get it situated just right around my head and shoulders, I felt like I was at just the right temperature. Good!

The weight of the comforter was also just right. I felt a bit like Goldilocks must have felt when she snuggled into Baby Bear’s bed. It wasn’t too heavy or too light and that made it easier for me to get comfortable and fall asleep. I actually slept better than I did with my old bedding.

Bedding does indeed make a difference in how well you sleep.

Can changing bedding help insomnia?

Getting a bit more sleep helps me function better. Not only did I stay at the right temperature for me, but I also enjoyed the comforting feeling of the heavier bedding. Since I have changed to this thicker comforter, I am sleeping a little better at night. That little bit makes a big difference in my ability to function during the day.

Have you noticed a difference in how well you sleep when you have changed your bedding? I would love to hear about your experience.

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