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My Insomnia Is Making Me Doze Off During the Day

Insomnia has caused many issues over the years. This is a new 1 for me – I have started dozing off during the daytime. Never have I done this before. Daytime dozing with insomnia is disrupting my life.

Unfortunately, I still cannot nap. Even though I am home when it happens and I could take a nap, I cannot. I will doze off for less than 5 minutes and then wake up feeling annoyed. Just let me sleep. If I am going to suddenly doze off, let me get in a nap.

Daytime dozing with insomnia: naps get on my nerves

Naps used to annoy me. I would wake up grouchy and say I would not nap again. Now I wish I could. Maybe I would still wake up grouchy, but if I am going to keep nodding off I might as well sleep.

It seems my eyelids start drooping when I am busy. This is not always the case, but it seems to happen more frequently when I have something to do. Maybe that is not the case. Maybe I notice it because it annoys me more.

Nodding off is getting annoying

Why am I suddenly dozing off during the day? Perhaps it is because I have been recovering from surgery and my body is trying to get more rest. Maybe it is because I have slept less recently and I am not getting the minimum I need to fully function.

Whatever the reason, I wish it would resolve itself and let me get things done. Nodding off in the middle of a task is truly annoying and does not help my productivity. While I might not experience the whole thing of being groggy when waking from a nap, I am still a bit disoriented for a moment. I have to take a minute to get myself together again.

Dozing off but staying awake and waking frequently is weird

I do sometimes nod off in the evening, so some might wonder why I don’t just go to bed when I start dozing. If I get up to go to bed, I am once again wide awake. This does not help me go to sleep or stay asleep. In fact, I wake much easier than normal.

Dozing off does not mean it is easier for me to go to sleep because I do not reach a state where I am fully asleep. I seem to be waking more frequently, and this means I get even less sleep. It is a vicious cycle, and I am not getting enough sleep to function well. It is impacting my productivity in a major way.

Trying to sleep enough to function

How do I manage to get enough sleep to be productive again? My current sleep pattern prevents me from being able to focus and concentrate. Considering the fact that my work is mental and not physical, this is a big problem. I have some days that I describe as ‘wot r werdz’ days.

I am still confused about why this is happening. Perhaps it is a response to my recovery efforts. Maybe it is a lingering side effect of the crazy schedule I had while ill. Regardless, it is very disruptive to my daily life and I wish it would stop.

Have you ever experienced something like this? How did you handle it? I would love to hear about your experience.

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