My Ideal Sleeping Environment

Trying to create the perfect sleeping environment can prove to be rather challenging. Sometimes it is a process of elimination to see what you do not like or what bothers you. This is also something that is not cast in stone, and it can change and adjust to what you need and want at the time.

It is possible that the weather may play a large deciding factor in what linen you use and if you want the windows open or not.

Learning and adjusting over the years

As my insomnia has become a part of my personality, I have found that things like having a comfortable room or space within a room to make your own and adjust are important. While I by no means have a perfect sleep routine or the most ideal circumstances every night, I do my best to make it as close to perfect for me as possible. 

Tips for creating a comfortable sleep environment

These are my tips and tricks that help me on a nightly basis to make my life a little more comfortable

Cooler temperatures

Be it natural or man-made, I prefer it cooler.  Whether it is from an open window allowing a fresh breeze in, an air conditioner, or a fan, I like to set it to cooler. It is much easier for me to sleep in cold weather versus when it is hot. There is something about snuggling down in warm blankets that seems to soothe my soul.

Good quality linen

Smooth, soft, and clean linen – these are things that are within my control, and they are things that I will gladly control. I love a new set of linen and choosing it out by touch before pattern or colour. I prefer cotton to synthetic fabrics, despite the creasing factor. If you can afford it, you can certainly look to a high thread count Egyptian cotton. If not, like me, you can look around for the best quality for what you can afford.

A dark bedroom

Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again. The lyrics from one of my favorite songs. As a younger adult, I preferred to have some kind of light in the room at night. Whether it is a slight break in the curtain for moonlight or a nightlight next to my bed. These days, however, I prefer it to be dark. No light, black-out curtains, and total darkness. Nightlights have started bothering me, and if I lie incorrectly, eventually waking me up.

Good jammies or no jammies

Some people find pajamas to be restrictive, and when twisting around your body, they can cause some discomfort. This could go as far as to wake you up, which would really be the last thing that you need. I find that I prefer to sleep without any jammies and that way, there is nothing that twists around my body while I am in peaceful or not-so-peaceful slumber. If I need to wear pajamas, I always opt for a t-shirt and shorts as I find them the least likely to annoy me.

Creating a happy space

Last but most certainly not least, I like my room to be a peaceful and happy space. So when I walk in, I find it calming and peaceful. I like to wind down and read a book or listen to a guided meditation before bedtime. A cluttered space makes me feel anxious before bed, and that is one sure-fire way to make sure that I am not going to get decent sleep on the off chance that I was going to get a good night's sleep.

I would love to hear what your ideal sleeping environment would be. Please share with us in the comments below.

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