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Insomnia: Odd Sleep Patterns Are Robbing Me of My Life

I spend more time awake at night than I do in the daytime. I have always considered myself a night owl, but this has robbed me of a lot of things. As much as I would like to change this, it has not been possible. I feel like I am missing out on a lot of things in life because of my insomnia.

My normal bedtime is 10 PM, but I am rarely asleep before 3 AM. Lately, it is closer to 4 AM when I fall asleep. I lie in bed staring at the ceiling for hours. I usually sleep the best right before the sun comes up in the morning until around 11 AM. For some reason, I tend to wake up less often during those hours. If I stay in bed until 11, I can usually get a total of 5 to 6 hours of sleep.

What I miss in the mornings

The problem with sleeping during that time is you miss out on morning activities. The only way I see a sunrise is if I have stayed up all night. Morning appointments are out of the question if I want to get more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

By the time I wake up and get out of bed, half the day is gone. If I need to go somewhere, it takes me a couple of hours to get ready, thanks to some mobility issues. Appointments or activities before 2 PM are not possible for me.

I have fewer hours to get things done

I have far fewer hours in the day to tackle the things I need to get done. I am in bed for an average of 14 hours every day because of my insomnia. This means I only spend 10 hours out of bed. My daily activities have to be packed into a mere 10 hours. I am a fairly busy person, so some days I feel like I am busy the entire day.

A constant battle with my sleep routine

It is very hard to function on days where I do not get that measly 5 to 6 hours of sleep. In order to get those precious hours so I can function to get everything done, I have to spend 14 hours in bed. I spend almost every waking hour some days attempting to get everything done. It is a constant battle trying to get enough sleep to make it through the day.

Each day leaves me exhausted, but I still cannot sleep. In fact, the more exhausted I am the less sleep I get. This endless cycle of sleeplessness causes me to miss out on many things. It keeps me from being more productive. It is robbing me of precious time I could be enjoying life.

Life is passing me by

Much of the time I am awake, the rest of the world is asleep. Everything is closed. There are no fun activities open for me to enjoy as the late-night scene is not for me. There are many things I have missed, especially over the last few years. No matter what I do to try to break this cycle, I am still stuck in this rut. I am not lazy. I am tired. Life is passing me by as I pursue a good night’s sleep.

As I get older, time is more precious. Life is short. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to fix this and reclaim the hours I am missing each day.

Do you feel like you are missing out on things because of your insomnia? Have you found a solution? I would love to know what has worked for you. Register with our site and then share in the comments below.

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