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With life-long insomnia, which comes and goes in spells, one never really stops looking for ideas, tips, tricks, products, and anything really that possibly could bring relief and just some good sleep. We are always researching, reading, and checking product reviews. It unwittingly becomes a full-time hobby.

Magnesium is one of those things that always pops up on my radar and it is one of my go-to remedies. Even though it is often a short-lived experience, I can say without a doubt that it has often worked for me. It quickly yields good results and is easy to come by.

Oftentimes, magnesium has broken a bad spell of insomnia for me, saving me from days of no sleep. Which can help me not lose my mind completely.

Which magnesium is best?

In today's world there are so many options for products, trying to find what you need can be very overwhelming. We truly are spoiled for choice, it does, however, make it hard to find the good stuff between the less-than-adequate stuff. Try sourcing from a reliable company and one with ethical sources, I find that wellness and health companies are my top choices.

For me, magnesium glycinate is the most effective product by far, a good 500mg does the trick for me. This is something, like other supplements, that you 100 percent should run by your doctor before you start taking it. Magnesium affects all things within your body, so always be careful and make sure that you are being safe.

My experience with magnesium

So, what do I experience when using magnesium? There are a variety of things. For one, once you have taken it, you do not really feel anything, I actually found this rather disappointing, I would like to feel something when I take a tablet. That aside though, it does not make it less effective. I find that I can fall asleep easier, and also stay asleep for longer stretches at a time.

When I wake up, I feel more rested, I would go as far as to say that the quality of sleep is better. In simple terms, it is as if my body slept better and I am recuperated for the day. I can usually get 3 to 4 nights of much better sleep than what I normally get.

As I mentioned early this is one of the most effective ways for me to break a bad insomnia spell. Therefore I do not take it every day - I try to use it when I really need it.

Additional benefits

It is also possible for magnesium to improve various other aspects of your health. These include bone health and anxiety. In my experience, I have found it helpful in managing my own fatigue. Magnesium could be helpful in the support and treatment of migraines and headaches as well. Relief from heartburn is another unexpected, wonderful side effect of using magnesium.1-4

Be careful not to take too much of it though. While you talk to your doctor about adding this to your regimen, check with them on an effective, healthy dose. It can cause diarrhea, and if you experience any side effects, then speak to your healthcare provider immediately.5

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