Playlist for Insomnia

Insomnia, a word used to describe how we struggle to fall asleep and or stay asleep. This usually far exceeds just a bad night or 2. For most of us, this is a chronic condition that leaves us feeling pretty run down most of the time.

For me personally, I both struggle to fall asleep and I struggle to stay asleep, for years I have struggled with insomnia. When I started suffering from a condition called psoriasis, this only got worse. A few years later psoriatic arthritis came to join the party, and sleep has never been the same since. Over the years, I have found that I am always willing to try something new to assist me in getting some better sleep.

Music that soothes my anxiety

I have always had a deep love for music, I feel it in my soul and can spend hours getting lost in good lyrics and old favorites. I find it for the most part soothes my anxiety and helps slow my mind down. So it is to be expected that eventually, I would lean towards it to help me fix the things I feel need fixing in my life. Insomnia is top of that list.

Finding the right guided meditations

This might be one of my favorite things when you find the right kind of voice to listen to. It took me ages to find a few that work for me. Depending on my mood I choose different ones. Sometimes, one I would usually listen to just grinds my gears and I go into YouTube and hunt down a new one.

Guided meditations are really soothing and help take you through the motions of getting ready, physically and mentally, to go to sleep. Oftentimes I will drift off while I am still listening to them. Some days it is in 5 minutes and others I listen to it through to the end and still, no sleep in sight.

Binaural beats to ease into sleep

This is something I recently added to my playlists. I find the music to be deeply soothing without being noisy if that makes any sense. This is generally a good go-to for me if I am really wound up and would like to ease into the night before sleep time. I really enjoy listening to this with proper full headphones on; it has an incredible sound effect. As you can imagine, those are not the most comfortable to sleep with, although I do often drift off this way.

Tips for creating an insomnia playlist

I listen to most of my music through my phone. This way I am able to set it so that I do not run the risk of the music waking me at a later stage again in the night. That can be a real problem if the music does not get switched off.

Headband headphones are amazing if you can find good quality ones, this way your ears do not get sore from the earbuds. I also find that they are more comfortable to sleep in and do not cause major headaches. They are wireless and fairly user-friendly.

Do you utilize music to help you sleep or wind down before bedtime? I would love to hear what you listen to. What is on your playlist?

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