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My Search History According to Insomnia

The search box is a funny thing. I always get a little laugh out of the random assortment of things auto-filling Google's address bar as I begin to type.

Teaching third grade leads me to research a wide variety of topics, videos, and books. My Amazon and eBay results are no different.

A glimpse into a specific story about my life

From looking for worms to feed my classroom's leopard gecko to looking for a book called Most Marshmallows, my searches are quite a thing to behold. The items that pop up related to sleep, however, tell a very specific story about my life.

Over the last several years, I have spent a great deal of time trying to make my nights move faster and more smoothly – it has not been an easy road. I have relied almost solely on the internet for advice, products, and support for my insomnia.

A glance at my search history yields some interesting results:

What brand of melatonin works best?

Interestingly enough, my searches show that melatonin in gummy form comes highly recommended. Over the years, I have tried both tablets and gummies. Fortunately, the cheaper tablets seem to give me just as much relief as the gummies.

I have learned, though, that either used too frequently tends to lose some effectiveness. It's always a guessing game as to how many nights I can use them before I am back to square one. I now ration melatonin and save it for those nights when I can tell my hyper-alert state will last into the wee hours.

Do contour pillows help tinnitus?

I fell down this rabbit hole after developing tinnitus in my left ear in 2019. Wondering if the tinnitus was related to TMJ, I started looking for a pillow that might help relieve both.

Last summer, I ordered a contour pillow from Amazon. After an adjustment period of a few weeks, I noticed an improvement in my TMJ symptoms, but my tinnitus is still keeping me wide-eyed at night.

What is pink noise?

This search followed a long afternoon of trying to decide which sounds would best lull me to sleep. For years, I had heard the term "white noise," but "pink noise" was a new one to me.

As it turns out, pink noise encompasses a group of sounds with less intense high frequencies than white noise. Pink noise includes sounds like the gentle drumming of rainfall or the crash of waves on the shore.1

Who knew? I certainly didn't.

What is the best mattress for insomnia?

I am afraid this search may be a lengthy one. I have seen everything from Memory Foam mattresses toppers which I currently have to some incredible mattresses with wonderful features and rave views. Those incredible mattresses also come with incredible price tags. I hate having insomnia, but I am not sure I am ready to splurge on that big of a change yet.

No magical answers...yet

Of all the magical answers we get when we begin typing a single character in a search engine, how awesome would it be to stumble on the solution to our insomnia? I certainly haven't found a combination that works consistently, but I am trying. After all, that's why the search bar exists, right?

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