Sleeping Positions: How Changes Affect My Sleep

I have an issue with my shoulder. As a side sleeper, this is problematic. Sleeping on that side puts my shoulder in an awkward position. It causes additional pain and hinders healing. Regardless, I have not stopped sleeping on that particular side. Why? I cannot sleep any other way, and sleep position changes affect my insomnia.

Sleep position changes affect my sleep

I have a preferred sleeping position and have always envied the people who can fall asleep in any position. Being able to sleep like that has many advantages, and I wish I could enjoy those perks. Adjusting how you sleep when injured or recovering from surgery would not be a problem. Refraining from sleeping in certain positions to allow healing in some part of the body would not cause you to lose sleep. I want that.

I can sometimes sleep on my stomach but only for a short period of time. My neck is in an awkward position and it causes more problems. I cannot sleep on 1 side all night. Eventually, parts of me will start to ache and I must move. That only leaves 1 sleeping position – my back.

Sleeping on my back would be nice

Being able to sleep on my back would solve so many problems but I absolutely cannot do it. People have said I would eventually adjust. Others, who obviously do not have or understand insomnia, have said I would eventually get tired and fall asleep.

I do not adjust. I do not get tired and fall asleep.

The only way I can sleep is to move into my preferred sleeping position. With my injured shoulder, I can sleep about half the time I normally do. As soon as I need to roll over, the pain wakes me up and I cannot go back to sleep for a while.

Cannot sleep in car

Sometimes my family and I take long road trips. We tend to drive at night because the traffic is not as busy. When I tell people I will be up all day and all night on the drive to our destination and the drive home, I am always told to sleep in the car. I absolutely cannot do it.

When sitting in a slightly reclined position in the car or in my recliner, I may doze off for several minutes but I cannot stay asleep for longer than mere minutes.

If I am not in my preferred sleeping position, it does not matter how tired I am. I cannot sleep.

Trying to sleep with someone who snores

I also find that the sleeping positions of others greatly affect my sleep. My husband is 1 of those people who falls asleep easily and can sleep in any position. He often falls asleep on his back or ends up sleeping on his back at some point during the night. This is a problem.

My husband snores, and he snores very loudly when he is sleeping on his back. His sleeping position can keep me awake. Do you know how annoying it is to have someone sleeping so soundly (and loudly) next to you when you have not been able to sleep at all?

What is your preferred sleeping position? Can you sleep in other positions? I would love to hear about your experience.

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