Clock or No Clock?

About a year ago, I bought a dimmable digital clock for my bedroom. My hope was that, as many times previously, this would prevent me from picking up my phone during the night to see what time it was. This was disruptive of my sleep for many reasons - the blue light, if I had notifications, if I was awake enough to start scrolling - it jut wasn't a healthy sleep habit.

And well, we, in insomnia world, try (sometimes) to improve our sleep habits to the best of our abilities.

So, I bought this clock.

Here, there, where to put this clock?

At first, it lived on my nightstand, meaning I would have to sort of scoot to the end of my bed and swivel my head to read the time. This was okay, but still having me move in order to learn what time it was. Don't get me wrong, definitely several points up from checking the phone, but not the best.

Then, I moved it to my dresser. This way, I could see it from where ever I was in the room, including any side of the bed. The only hitch was if I was facing away from it, I would have to turn over or shift my eyes. This however, seemed like the best place for this clock.

Is this actually helping me?

Lately, I have been going through insomnia challenges. I have been unbelievably exhausted at night, going to bed sometimes as early as 7:30 pm, but by 11:30 pm or 12 am, I'm restless. Tossing and turning. And checking the clock every single time.

Last night I found myself wondering if this habit was helpful or helpless, and if having a clock in my room was a benefit or a detriment overall.

On one hand, knowing what time it was allowed me to know how much longer I had to sleep, but it also let me know how often I was waking up. It was helping me to collect data, but it was also causing my mind to turn. Which did I want to prioritize?

Which do you prioritize?

Tonight, I'm going to try to sleep with no clock in the room, including my phone. Even if I'm up 7 or 8 times during the night, does it matter how many times exactly, and what time it was when at each interval, and how long it took me to get back to sleep? I think overall the answer is no.

I think it feels like a betrayal to my sleep habits because every sleep physician has always talked abut the tracking aspect of my insomnia - but what good has that actually done me? None, really.

If you sleep with a clock in your room, do you find it beneficial? What exactly, are the benefits you derive from it? If you do not sleep with a clock in your room, do you find it beneficial? What exactly, are the benefits you derive from it?

I'm deep into this experiment now, and I can't think of anything else besides this debate - clock, or no clock?

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