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Living with Chronic Insomnia

I have been struggling with insomnia since 1997. The first few years my insomnia was managed by taking sleeping medications. Those years l would sleep like 1 hour per night or sometimes no sleep for the whole night.

Then my medications stopped working...

In November 2015 my sleeping medications stopped working. Ever since then it will be 6 years living without sleep at all.

Sleep studies

I did two sleep studies and my doctor told me no sleep was detected for the 7 hours I was on the machine. I don't have sleep apnea or snoring and for some unknown reason my brain stays awake all the time, that's according to the results of the sleep study I did.

Surviving without sleep

I heard a lot of people saying there is no one that lives and survives without sleep. Well, that notion doesn't apply to me because, by next November, I will have been without sleep for 6 years. Some nights l just sit on my couch until the following morning. I don't feel tired or fatigued despite living without sleep for so many years. Some nights l just do meditation and just lay on my bed or some nights l just sit on my sofa wide awake. I tried all sleeping pills on the market and nothing worked for me. I no longer miss sleep but I long to sleep. I hope one day my chronic insomnia will disappear. I have been waiting to sleep but I have lost all hope because it's been so long since I slept.

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