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SSRI Sleep Problems

Two years ago my life changed. My quick background. I was on an SSRI for at least 20 years. I stopped taking it for I guess about a year or less. Life had more downs than I could handle.

Zoloft caused me to not sleep

I went back on Zoloft. First day pacing for hours. Stress started to go up. Later during that first-week sleep was disrupted badly. I thought it would pass. The doctor raised the dosage. That first night zero sleep. I thought oh well next night I'll just sleep better. I was calm and not worried.

Well, every night that week was just the same. I could not drive, I called a ward to ask if they had space for me. I had no idea what was going on. I felt calm but was freaking out. I could hardly close my eyes or lay down but was not running around. I did not have mania. The ward could not figure it out for a week and let me go. So many pills were not working. Ambien kinda was till it stopped. I had to go back to the ward for another week. They put me on Zyprexa 15mg. It never made me tired but knocked me out. I did not want to be on it.

Finding others with the same reaction

A total of nearly 30 types of scripts tried on me. My original doctor who knew me for 20 years never saw anything like this. I had a MRI, did lots of blood work. The sleep doctor gave me a hug and sad sorry I can't help you. Online I met possibly 3 others like me with my same story! Yet the doctors only pigeonholed us and they never asked around to question. So I don't know if this triggered my insomnia or hurt me. Or if current meds are safe. I slept fantastic my entire life! I can't even describe how strange and fighting all this is.

The others I met, we still talk for a year so far. I wish someone would take a better look at our cases. Why were so many pills used on us and nothing worked? Or helped? I thought this would have gone away by now. I lost jobs, I am all alone. I don't know what is safe to take now. I know I must have a mixture of damage and primary insomnia. That is all I can think of.

Sorry for this long message. Something just does not feel right. No doctor cares and says sorry can't help. I have been trying CBT-I for a year. I have anxiety and some OCD and situational depression. That is all I ever had in my past. I am 37. This is April 24, 2021. This happened two years ago the last two weeks of May.

Has anyone else had a similar reaction to an SSRI? Share advice in the comments below.

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