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Tourette Syndrome and Insomnia

I have had a crazy life. To start off with my dad is a very light sleeper. I inherited that from him (lucky me). In my teens, I found out I had Tourette syndrome. A lot of other problems come with it. Insomnia was right there with it.

Self medicating my insomnia

I have never had and insurance till about ten years ago so I self-medicated. I was on a roller coaster ride. I had a neurologist for my Tourette's so he knew about my insomnia. I got sleeping pills from him and I abused them. I would sleep for days then I was up and down always in a daze. I finally got disability and insurance and was able to get serious about my health and insomnia. I got on some medication that works as best as it could and it didn't get you high so I could not abuse it. It helped me go to sleep but didn't keep me there.

Now I am older and past menopause so I have that with my insomnia. I never got serious treatment for my insomnia. I am at the point where I am clean and sober and want the rest of my life to be healthier and better. I am here hoping to get some advice.

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