Quieting a Busy Mind - A 'Brain Dumping' Technique

Last updated: April 2023

One thing that helped me enormously when I had insomnia (and which still helps me now) is what I call a "brain dumping" technique.

I used to wake up in the night with plans, ideas, and worries. With a lot rattling around in my head during my busy day, I clearly hadn't done anything with some of those thoughts. They'd either keep me awake or I'd wake in the night thinking about them.

There are a variety of ways to empty one's head, but I like to take some paper, write out all my worries, plans, and thoughts - along with what I will do next about them - and set them aside for the day. This turns them into a physical reality outside my head - and helps me sleep.


Do you have a technique like this? Does it help you sleep? If you give this a try, let us know if it helps you!

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