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A Strict Buffer Zone Can Wake You Up

Most people with insomnia are aware of the general guidance to reduce stimulation in the evening before bedtime. 

There are lots of "Don't" lists on the internet about bright light, computer screens and the like, and a warning to avoid them. The thing is, most people do that but still have insomnia.

When did our rituals get so complicate?

Some people go so far as to have really complicated rituals before bed, with rigid requirements on timing and order of activities. And, if they don't sleep, they spend time reordering and examining what ends up feeling like a "battle plan." If things don't go perfectly, it becomes a focus of sleep effort and anxiety.

Simplifying what we DO before bed

Rarely do we talk about what things to DO in the evening. But even then it's important to not be rigid – because rigidity can backfire.


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