A woman with insomnia running on a hamster wheel in a brain

Getting off the Midnight Hamster Wheel of Thoughts

When I had insomnia, my problem was waking in the night and finding my mind spinning like a hamster on a hamster wheel. My thoughts would go around and around and the more they did, the more the rattling woke me up.

How to apply a visualization technique for better sleep

I came up with this technique to help put the brake on the hamster wheel. The idea of it is that it would ground my mind in my physically tired body using a "mantra" of sorts that would not allow the hamster wheel to run - and at the same time, I would be using my mind to tell me I was already in the state I wanted to be in.... asleep.


How do you make space for sleep?

Do you have any particular visualisations you use to help you cut the chatter and make space for sleep to come to you? I'd love to hear yours! Tell us in the comments below!

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