Anna Samson

Insomnia Community Advocate Anna SamsonAnna Samson (they/she) is a queer, desi person in their twenties from Canada, living just outside of Toronto. They have a Bachelor of Arts in English & Cultural Studies and write about their experiences with disabilities.
Ever since childhood, they have always struggled with sleep. It takes them a long time to fall asleep and once they do, they wake up several times throughout the night. While they may have gotten used to struggling with sleep and having many sleepless nights and restless sleep, it has not made sleeping any easier.

In 2019, after many years of unexplained symptoms, they were diagnosed with an autoimmune inflammatory arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis and a neurologic disorder called fibromyalgia. These systemic conditions cause chronic pain and sleep disturbances.

They are working with their doctors to find treatments to help alleviate symptoms of their conditions and improve their sleep. They experience some symptoms similar to those of restless leg syndrome and have tried incorporating melatonin, meditation, mindfulness, and sleep hygiene to help them sleep better.

Learning of their conditions sparked a long and ongoing journey of navigating the healthcare system and life in general as a young and disabled person.

Their conditions have progressed since their initial diagnosis and they have found solace and understanding in the chronic illness and disabled communities online. They also post about their experiences with chronic illnesses and disabilities on their Instagram page, @disabilitywithanna..

When not tossing and turning in bed, Anna finds comfort in reading, doing yoga, and spending time with their pets. They love to write and hope their writing can advocate and raise awareness for insomnia and those living with it.

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