When Insomnia Has a Reason

For many of us, insomnia is simply a way of life. There is not always a reason; it simply is just part of our lives – always has been and most likely will always be this way.

There are, however, some outside factors that can always contribute to making things worse or better. Today, I will be sharing the things that are not always within my control that aggravate my insomnia.

Becoming aware of what aggravates my insomnia

It is important to remember that just because outside factors aggravate our insomnia state, it does not mean that they are within our control.

What being aware of them did for me was understand things better. This made a big difference for me, as I am naturally someone who wants answers for as many things as possible.

Nasal decongestants and corticosteroids

I have 2 that I noticed have a big impact on my insomnia and really make it much worse. Fortunately, they are not things I often take, so I am able to manage this fairly easily. I am aware that this is not the case for everyone. My 2 are nasal decongestants and corticosteroids.

Often, these medications are split into doses, one of which is at night. Whenever I have to take either, I discuss it with my doctor and make sure I do not need to take them at night. In the event that I have to (to ensure the medication works properly), I rest assured in the fact that it will be short-lived. It is worth checking what you take and asking your doctor if any could be adding to your already existing insomnia.

Managing psoriasis

This one is a big deal for me, I have had psoriasis for many years, and it is one of the greatest contributors to my lack of proper sleep. It all adds up, whether it is due to my high pain levels or my skin getting too hot under the blankets.

Some nights my skin itches so severely that I have to get out of bed and have a cool shower and change linen. Then I give it a try again later.

Sadly, this is something that can go on for weeks at a time if my flare lasts long enough. Oftentimes in winter, I lose the most sleep as getting warm annoys my skin, but getting cold keeps me awake too. Goodness me, what a mission it is some days.

The effects of stress

This is probably one of the most well-known aggravators of just about everything out there – insomnia is no exception. While we can look at ways to reduce stress in our lives, things often pop up that we simply cannot control.

This can often lead to overthinking and sending all sorts of hormones coursing through your body. This makes falling asleep and staying asleep very difficult. I try using meditation and sleeping routines to help me get through these nights.

Remember to be kind to yourself during these difficult times, as we know we cannot force sleep.

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