Someone sleeping in bed looking like they are in physical pain with a painful dream bubble above their head.

Dreams Controlled by Pain

I have lived with chronic pain every day for the past 2 years. I love it when I sleep, and I get a break from my pain. But this is not always the case. Often, pain manifests itself in my dreams. I hate it when my dreams are controlled by my chronic pain.

I would rather be awake in pain than having painmares. Painmares (when chronic pain induces nightmares) can be terrifying. This has happened many times over the past 2 years. The pain I live with every day is in my back, neck, and shoulders. So of course, this is where the pain is in my dreams.

Here are some of my painmares from my chronic pain

Tragedy on the beach

Normally I have painmares about breaking my back or falling and landing on something sharp, like broken glass. Something might fall on me. I always have dreams where I get squished by a tree or a car.

I am strolling around an idyllic village close to where I live. I’m walking barefoot on the sand, feeling the fresh sea air on my body. Taking in the beautiful sea view. I feel so at peace. The seaside is my favorite place to go and relax.

Next thing I fall and land on my back. Ouch! I struggle but after some time I can stand back up. I feel like I am being pinched from my tailbone all the way up to my neck. I turn my head quickly to see what is on my back.

First off, I turned my head too much and hurt my neck even more. Then I see hundreds of little crabs attached to my back. I start freaking out, I’m running around the beach screaming.

Stuck in a bear trap

I fall into a huge sand hole and *clank* I’m caught in a big metal trap. Like a bear trap. The sharp metal is impaled into my back. There is blood everywhere. I cannot move. If I do, then I am going to hurt myself more. The pain is excruciating. I finally wake myself up from screaming in my dream. When I wake up, I am in absolute agony; I try to move, and I cannot. I am awake now, but I still feel like I am stuck in a bear trap.

Mugged, beaten, and shot

Another terrifying painmare I have had is that I get mugged. I get beaten up. When I get the chance, I attempt to run away, but I cannot move my legs well due to the pain in my back.

I end up getting shot multiple times in the back. I am rushed to the hospital and for the duration of my dream, my back is being cut open while the doctors and nurses pull the bullets out.

Waking up with dream pain

I’m glad that none of these dreams were real. But I wish that while I sleep, my pain would allow me to rest.  It is crazy how pain can manifest itself in my dreams. My dreams control my daily life, and even when I am in the deepest slumber the pain controls me.

After a painmare, I often wake up terrified. I am sweating from both the pain and being scared. I wake up confused, wondering if this is still a dream as I am still feeling the same pain.

Do you also have insomnia and chronic pain that causes painmares too? Tell us more in the comments or find others experiencing painsomnia.

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