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Sleepy Sleepy Christmas

The end of the year is here. It's Christmas and holiday time. A time for rest and connecting with family and friends. It is a time to reflect and look forward to the year ahead. A time to slow down, drink tea, and hopefully get some sleep.

Keeping gifting in mind for Christmas this year and being someone who suffers from insomnia, I was looking at the ultimate gifts for me that some people might not think of or even realize could be helpful and appreciated.

7 ultimate gift ideas for someone with insomnia

Here are my top 7. Maybe this could help you while shopping for your loved ones this year.

Nighttime tea

There are so many amazing tea brands out there these days, and you can find just about anything you need. I find the teas that actually make a difference for me are chamomile and Melissa tea. Tea shops might offer nice blends or new varieties of teas. You could always pair this with a special nighttime mug.

Weighted Blanket

These are gold. Various companies offer these, and they will usually work the weight of the blanket out for the specific person. A consultation with someone who sells weighted blankets would help to ensure that you get the right one.

Journals and stationery

For those of us with insomnia, we are often up in the middle of the night. Staying off our phones is the best way forward. This is often easier said than done. Having a journal with some fun stationery can really go a long way during this time of night. Stickers, pens, and the like are wonderful add-ons.

Blackout shades

These could be curtains or blinds, and this could really be a very welcome gift. Often we will fall asleep late in the morning, and morning light creeping into the room can snatch that sleep away.

Epsom Salts

I am a fan of all pamper gifts. So much so that we have themed our Christmas this year to "pamper and spoils" gifts. Epsom salts are one of my favorites. A long soak before bed could help you get some quality sleep. This could be coupled with some nice candles and other bathtime treats.

Night light

Being awake often at night and always needing to have a nighttime routine are only 2 great reasons to get a good night light. I choose soft, warm lights to make the blue light as little as possible. Some people prefer colour light – a personal choice, I think.

Lavender oil / Room spray

Organic and oure, 100 percent lavender oil is always a great gift for me, as I often use it on my pillow to help my sleep and in my bath before bed. You also get amazing sleep sprays from places like The Body Shop and the like. They often smell nice and can help set the scene for good sleep.

Gifting is so much fun! Keep it personal and make sure you look after yourself during this time. Get enough rest and have a blessed festive season.

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