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a woman is being jolted awake while sleeping in her bed

Jolted Awake Just As You Fall Asleep?

One very common experience that my clients share with me is the very frustrating experience of becoming sleepy, going to bed, and after finally beginning to drift to sleep...they are jolted awake with a jump and a gasp.

It's always important to get these kinds of things checked out by your healthcare provider. For example, gasping and waking could be a sign of sleep apnea which needs treatment.

Common types of 'jumps'

However, a more common cause of a "jump" when about to drift to sleep is something called a "hypnic jerk," "hypnogogic jerk," or a "myoclonal jerk."

They are very common, and not dangerous. Have a listen to the video to learn more about them, and what you can do.


Share your experiences

Have you ever experienced a hypnic jerk? How did you respond to them? Please share your experiences with the community, and let me know if you have questions you'd like answered!

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