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Meeting My Insomnia Head-on in the New Year

Last updated: December 2022

New Year’s resolutions are not typically my thing. In fact, I tend to scroll right on past posts that even mention the looming new year and all of the grand changes people are planning to make once the calendar hits January. Once upon a time, I did the same. I made short lists of insomnia new year resolutions and solutions I would like to improve; but, like most others, March saw the end of those efforts.

New Year resolutions and solutions

This year, however, I am coming at this whole resolution situation from a different perspective. It’s time I change some things, especially when it comes to my health. I am starting with activities that will, hopefully, have a positive impact on my sleeping habits.

My eating habits…ugh

I have read plenty of articles explaining the importance of not eating before bedtime and others listing foods that help ward off insomnia and improve sleep quality. It took a few years to realize that eating after 7 PM was a mistake. After making a sincere effort to eat my last meal of the day before 7 PM, I saw a difference in the way I felt.

The next step, and the one I plan to work on next year, is to change what I eat. Not one to eat the suggested number of fruits and vegetables, I want to make that change. I am kind of proud of myself because I have already made a short list of the vegetables I like, and I plan to rotate these each week. Hopefully, by cutting back on processed foods and desserts – sigh – I can improve my health and, in turn, kick insomnia to the curb.

Exerc…you know the rest

This is a huge 1 for me. I simply don’t do it – ever. I have good intentions, but I score a solid zero on my follow-through. Since I have no real excuse for why I don’t exercise, I have no reason not to change, right? Everything I have read about insomnia and exercise states that increasing exercise can reduce sleep problems and decrease insomnia.

I am ahead of the game this year with big plans to exercise at the same time each day. I have moved my clothes rack…I mean…my stationary bike to an area where I see it every day. My plans are not elaborate – I want to start with about 30 minutes each evening on the bike and gradually work my way up as needed. I will be happy if I can add 1 or 2 nights of solid sleep to my week. Any improvement is worth the effort.

Letting my eyes tell me when to go to bed

As crazy as it sounds, this is the most difficult change I foresee. For years, I have allowed myself to get drowsy on the couch and nod off an hour or 2 before bedtime. This worked well for me for a while, but things have changed. My body now interprets this as a nap and makes the decision for me that I have had enough sleep. When I do head to bed, I am wide awake.

Meeting my insomnia head-on

Heading into the new year, I am going to listen to my body. When my eyes start to close and that delicious drowsy feeling washes over me, I am taking my happy self to bed – immediately. Do not pass “go.” Do not collect $200.

This will be my year. I will figure out this whole insomnia thing. If I speak into being, it will happen, won’t it? Eh, I don’t know about that, but I do know I have everything within me to make the needed changes. I can do this.

Are you making any sleep-related solutions for the coming new year? Tell us about them in the comments!

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