Sick and Tired

I've been struggling with insomnia for 20 years. Had 3 sleep studies, 3 different sleep doctors. Not getting any deep wave sleep. And going to my bed only wakes me up. First doctor had no answers, sent to another. 2nd doc said CPAP did not work. More frustrating. 3rd sleep Doc said I don't need CPAP. 17 awakenings an hour and not severe enough. Tried everything.

Trying to find what works for me

Meds, meditation, exercise, eating, not eating, sleep depravation and a happy light is helping a little. I finally get a 6 or 7 hour sleep for one night out of the month and usually only 2 hours, if any on other nights. So incredibly frustrated and health problems are arising out of not getting restful healing sleep. Going to new therapist for PTSD, will see if that works. Just started. Willing to try CBT-I next if this therapy with PTSD doesn't work. Thinking about Ambien, but have heard so many horror stories about sleep driving, etc. I was an alcohol counselor and believe it or not, people taking it and sleep driving did get DUIs for it. It's the law. Heard of one person that it's worked for-for 10 years now. Will see if that's an option down the road. Last resort.

Missing out because of insomnia

Everything is contingent on my sleep. I've missed family outings and vacations because I'm worried about my sleep constantly. It is ruining my life. But will keep trying, can't not try anything and everything. I'm joined this site hoping to get new ideas. Doctors or family really don't get it. Wish there was more information out there so normal sleepers could understand and be sympathetic about the struggled with insomnia. I was diagnosed with chronic insomnia. Any suggestions welcome.

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