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Sleepless in Flint, MI

I have had insomnia since the age of 13 and I am 55yrs old now. I am awake for 3 days and nights and sometimes longer and when I do sleep it's only about 4-5 hours and then I am awake for 3 more days and nights. I have been on numerous meds over the years but nothing helps. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  1. Oh Samuel that sounds so difficult! Can I ask if you’ve had a consultation with your doctor regarding insomnia? There are a lot of suggestions out there and I’m not sure what you’ve tried. Our article on treatments covers some of the most common options.

    My personal experience of insomnia is very similar ti yours. I’d be two or three days with zero sleep then get a few pockets if 20 minutes here and there. My mental health suffered very badly. I had to consult with several specialists and I now have medications that work for me. I also practice all the sleep hygiene protocols and have done a lot of CBT.

    Please know our community is here to support you and we’d love to hear how you’re going. Stay in touch! Cheers. Simone (Team Member)

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