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Do you experience painsomnia?

Do you live with chronic pain & insomnia (painsomnia)? How do you manage your day-to-day life while dealing with painsomnia? What coping strategies, if any, have you found effective?

  1. I have a lot of pain because of dystonia. I have Parkinson's and the dystonia is part of that. I try to take something before I go to bed to relieve the pain a little but often it doesn't last the whole night. When I don't get enough sleep the Parkinson's and the Estonia is much worse. I do better if I can have consistency throughout the week but that is almost impossible.Me

    1. I have Parkinson's and I have been having a lot of pain for some time now. I have a lot of dystonia which causes a lot of pain. I try to take something something before I go to bed but often it doesn't last through the night and I can't sleep for the pain.

      1. Hi , the pain of dystonia can be so difficult and even more so when your sleep doesn't last through the night. It also sounds like you've been dealing with this for awhile. I wonder what you would think of this article by someone dealing with painsomnia... the writer shares "I am simply in too much pain to sleep. I cannot get comfortable. Sometimes, I fall asleep reasonably fine, but the pain wakes me throughout the night. " - full article here: .

        For you or anyone following the thread, our sister site on Parkinson's has a good article on dystonia and pain: .

        Thank you for sharing, I am sure it makes someone else feel they are not the only one experiencing painsomnia, and I hope for some easier nights for you soon. - Liz (Team Member)

    2. Lori
      I have MS and I am in a lot of pain...known since 2015....have done physical therapy it helps a little and pain meds that don't help

      1. Hi . MS pain can be really hard to address, especially since there are so many different types of pain affiliated with it. My father had MS and I moderated in our sister community for people with MS,, for a long time. Here is an article from one of our MS advocates about sleep and MS pain that might interest you: If you enter "pain" or pain relief" into the search box at the top left of the MS page, you will find a slew of articles with some ideas that might help. I hope you can get some relief and some better quality sleep soon. Gentle hugs. - Lori (Team Member)

    3. I have not experienced painsomnia at all!

      1. That's good to hear, . Painsomnia is most often experienced by people with other health conditions that cause pain. I hope you never have to contend with it. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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