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What sleep medication has worked for you?

Hi all. I want to ask for an advice. I have had insomnia since i was a child, coming upto 29 years now. The insomnia is getting worse and I find the older I get the more difficult it is for my body, mind and soul.

Past 5 years I have been surviving on 3 hours a night on average. I fall asleep fairly easy but i wake up after 3 hours and cant go back to sleep. I take Mirtazapen 15mg every night, but im afraid it has stop working so I want to change medication.

I wanted to ask here if any of you are taking medication for sleep and which one has worked best for you?

Thank you very much.

  1. My sleep doc prescribed one of a new class of sleep meds called "orexin antagonists." Mine, "Dayvigo" or "lemborexant," is incredibly effective. It's the first and only med that assisted insomnia for me. I can feel it go to work 15-20 minutes after taking it. No known side effects. You need at least 7 hours of runway after taking it.

    1. I'm so glad you found something that works for you and is so effective. For anyone following the thread and looking to learn more, this article may be helpful: - Liz (Team Member)

  2. The only thing I have found that works is xanax in the past. And now you cannot find a doctor to prescribe it. I am the person who posted the story titled "sick and tired". I have since tried Ambiem and Belsomra, neither worked one bit. I have ANOTHER appt with my sleep doctor today. I am expecting the same xanax, even though he said at last appt some people need benzo's (xanax). He gave me tamazapam, lowest dose, which I had been on before and tapered myself off it because it Knocked me out, but woke up with anxiety, and totally exhausted all day. So, more to be revealed after today's appt. Not expecting that I will get xanax, but am going to ask. Both tamazapam and xanax are benzo's, and addictive, so if he gives me tamazapam, why not xanax ? Tamazapam supposed to have a safer profile, which I find ridiculous. Anyone else find xanax is the only thing that works for them. I never abused them, only took at night and never took more than I was supposed to.
    Wish me good luck, although, sure I won't get what I need of the only thing that has helped !!!

    1. Hi . I am just checking in to see how your appointment went today. Fingers crossed that you got something that helps. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

  3. I have a serious insomnia problem

    1. Hi . Welcome to the community. You have come to the right place. We have lots of information and super supportive people here. Have you been suffering from insomnia for long? Have you tried any treatments? Here is an article about insomnia treatments that might interest you: Thinking of you and sending lots of gentle hugs your way. - Lori (Team Member)

  4. Previously the psychiatrist put me on a combination of anti depressants which i took for three months but thereafter i continued only on mirtazapine. Took Melatonin everyday but it didn't work for me. But I take Benadryl at night and while going to sleep a quarter tab of 7.5g mirtazapine and it works mostly. if i wake up or don't get sleep i take another quarter tab. Mirtazapine in low doses acts as antihistamine that is an antagonist on histamine receptors.

    1. I've tried prescription sleeping pills and they make me feel drugged, so I take OTC melatonin and when that doesn't work I switch to L-triptophan, which is an amino acid and makes you relax enough to sleep. I get mine from the health food store (who actually recommended it).

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