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Insomnia triggers and lack of care centers

Two friends wrote me today saying "I wish there was an insomnia clinic for actual help and studies
Instead of a psych ward where it’s impossible to sleep anyway and where you get on meds that are harmful. Ridiculous" "there should be specific insomnia treatment facilities in every town. Ten percent of the population has insomnia... That's a big number, yet no treatment. It's all about the money, selling ----zzzquil and ambien and crap that don't work. Nonsense. I don't think its right that my mental health suffers due to this. I can't take pills to solve this or make a temp. fix/bandage. On another note.. My case is not a easy one either. I have been in cbti for a year. No not cured or greatly better at all. I met a Lcsw online, who had my same story.. (can't share here too long for the post). Insomnia was triggered by a chemical reaction to a pill we took for two weeks. And for treatments doctors gave more pills -almost 30 over this time. For the last two years doctors Pigeon holed me. Still on a pill due to the depression I now have and fear. Sorry for my rant discussion.

  1. No need to apologize! This is your place to be heard and rant as much as you need to! Many of us have the same experiences that you have had. Being validated when you feel so alone is so powerful and I am glad you have found support. Never apologize here for wanting to be heard and understood! We have all been in this position. Best, Rachael (team member)

    1. Thank you for your message . It means a lot to have a reply. Yes its frustrating. Hope all of us can recover from our unique cases.

      1. , of course! I hope so as well. I really appreciate you being willing to share some of your experiences with us. Best, Minel (Team Member)

    2. , no need to apologize! You're more than welcome to use this place to rant. That sounds really frustrating to hear, especially from friends. How did you respond? And wow, it's so interesting that you met another person who had the same story! I hope it was a bit validating to know that you're not alone in your specific case. It must be hard not seeing much results after a year of CBTI. Thinking of you, Minel (Team Member)

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