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Navigating Work & School With Insomnia

How do you navigate the workplace and/or school with insomnia? Are there any accommodations or strategies that have helped?

  1. this is the toughest thing for me. The last resort for me is to take time off work and do the CBT-I protocol. I qualify for FMLA and have been off work for 2 months to try and get sleep back on track. But when I cannot take off work, I structure my work day to do the most tedious/difficult tasks in the first half of my day, that’s when my brain functions the best on little to no sleep. Then, I do the less important tasks (easier stuff) the second half of the day when my brain starts to shut down. I just do the best I can and take off work when I can.

    1. I would not say they are supportive. They follow the laws of FMLA and they allow me to work a flexible schedule and take time off without notice, even regular PTO (not just FMLA). Thanks to COVID, I work from home 100% of the time, which helps. I was going to be required to attend one day per month in-person but I got an accommodation to work from home that day due to a disability. I’ve spent a good deal of time learning how disabilities affect my ability to work and I’ve requested accommodations to help me.

    2. COVID definitely changed the work landscape for people with disabilities, . It proved to employers that many, many jobs can be done well remotely and that people will be productive without in-person supervision. I am happy you benefited from those cultural changes. It sounds like you are pretty good at advocated for yourself. If your employer is not supportive, I hope they continue to at least be responsive. - Lori (Team Member)

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