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Strategies to Manage Insomnia

What strategies or techniques have you tried to manage your chronic insomnia? Which ones have been most effective for you?

  1. Meditation and medication

    1. Now that is what I call balance. Have you found a medication that works for you?

      On meditation, is this something you do before bed? I have an incredibly busy mind and I often listen to guided meditations to get myself to sleep as I am yet to master doing it myself.

      - Clair ( Team Member)

  2. I get up and sit in the living room and usually one of my cats will come and sit on my lap until I get back into bed and often I do fall asleep again. But, sometimes I end up doing this twice.

    1. Yes, I often do the same thing, It is worth getting up and doing something else and trying again. I found that being less angry about it all the time helped. Just getting up and accepting my new routine and then when I feel like I could possibly sleep again, getting back into bed. Tossing and turning has never been for me. I tried this last night and to no surprise, it left me grouchy and very out of sorts.

      Do you read or listen to an audio book or something when you get up?

      - Clair ( Team Member)

  3. Reading , getting out of bed and going to a different room


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