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Do People With Insomnia Have Any Other Health Conditions?

  1. Severe versions of: restless legs syndrome, depression, anxiety.

    Possibly have bipolar II but that's not confirmed at this stage. If it is the case, then that definitely affects sleep. I would suspect I have some real upper days, followed by some sleepless nights.

    I'm also asthmatic which normally isn't a problem, but when I can't breathe sleep is not there.

    I also get migraines - not chronic like I used to. But I cannot sleep through a migraine.

    Fortunately, I have medications that greatly improve all of the above.

    1. Yes! I was diagnosed with Insomnia before anything else - but I live with Crohn's disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bile Reflux, Migraines, Anxiety & Depression.

      Amanda ( Team Member)

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