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Raising Awareness: My Relationship With Sleep

A healthy relationship with sleep is important to our health and overall well-being. But what happens when that relationship is fractured? This week, we will be raising awareness about sleep by focusing on mending that relationship, sharing personal stories, and providing resources to help those of you living with insomnia.

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Plus, read more about how others describe their relationship with sleep:

A Letter to My Old Friend Sleep

"Dear Sleep, I’ve been thinking of you lately. About all that time we spent together – so comfortable with each other and just cocooned in a bubble of happiness. Meeting you was the happiest time of my life...We stayed in touch for a while and I was grateful just to have you for moments here and there. But eventually, you left completely and it just devastated me." Read Simone's full letter...

Why Being Awake at Night Might Not Be So Bad…

"A lot of people with insomnia get upset by being awake at night. One of the key components of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is actually to use that time to do something you enjoy. It helps to re-set your relationship with your bed by avoiding tossing/turning and wakefulness in the bed." Watch Tracy's short video...

Sleep, Please Don't Be a Stranger

"No matter what I believe about the hours that lie ahead each night, insomnia always wins. It seems, after several years of fighting to find a way to rest easily, insomnia and I are now more familiar than sleep and I have ever been." Read April's full article...

3. Share your story

Interested in sharing more? Spread awareness of insomnia by sharing about your diagnosis journey, everyday life with insomnia, and ways you find support.

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