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How do you manage daytime fatigue?

  1. I can't take any stimulants. I have bad reactions even to chocolate!! 🙁((. When I lay my head down I feel alert again. I don't understand this.

    1. , thanks for sharing. Insomnia is for sure very confusing 🙁 It must be frustrating to avoid all stimulants, including chocolate. Do you have another go-to when you're in the mood for something sweet? Best, Minel (Team Member)

    2. I guess just regular sugar stuff. Although that is not good for our teeth. Yes many years ago.. I had a reaction to stimulants or a change in my body. Ages before insomnia started. Unrelated.

  2. Also, when I was still working in my office, I would unfortunately have to nap in my car sometimes because I was so tired. I tried to avoid doing that, but sometimes I was just too tired.

    1. When my work place closed down and I started working from home, I decided to give up caffeine to see if that made any difference in my Insomnia. It did not, but giving up soda (I do not like the taste of coffee at all) actually helped me lose weight. I return full time to my office on Tuesday, so if I decide I need a little caffeine I have decided I will use the caffeinated water flavoring so I do not go back to drinking soda again.

      1. Caffeine! Unfortunately, due to Crohn's disease I have a lot of GI restrictions/sensitivities, but I've figured out what works best for me. Iced tea and Monster Rehab Lemonade are two of my go-tos. I also try to get fresh air, even when it's really cold if I need a burst of energy or feel groggy. Sometimes I resort to taking a shower to try to re-start things.

        Warmly, Amanda (, Moderator)

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