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Heredity and Insomnia

Do you have family members who struggle with insomnia? Do your parents also have it? Your siblings? Is insomnia something you grew up talking about in your family?

  1. Yes my mother had insomnia for prob the last40yrs of her life she lived to 94yrs.
    It made her nights a misery.
    She had many illnesses but remained bright .
    She developed altziemers in her last 5yrs .
    I worry as I am the same as her

    1. I’m sorry your mother suffered. The side effects of insomnia are frightening. Dementia is definitely something I worry about. I wrote a whole article about it!

      I hope you’re able to find some techniques and treatments that help you get some sleep. Every little bit counts 😊

      Simone (Team Member)

    2. ...I am so sorry to hear that you both have suffered with insomnia. I know how you feel--my mother has also struggled for many years. Mine isn't as bad as hers right now, and I am hoping not to follow in her path. I hope you are able to get some rest soon. Hugs, April,, Moderator

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