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What activities do you do in the middle of the night when you can't sleep?

  1. or listening to this will help you

    1. I have a yoga wheel so I will lay on my wheel in my bed floor in the dark to get a good stretch going while I meditate. It relaxes my muscles that tense from the frustration of insomnia and gives my time to reflect during meditation which also helps me relax, especially if there is something on my mind.

      1. I generally use sleep sounds which works for me most of the times.
        Here are few apps I always keep installed on my device.

        1. Ohh - I'm going to check these out - thanks so much for sharing!! Warmly, Amanda ( Team Member)

      2. I would get up quietly and go to my study and read a book or do Pranayama or write a dairy or chant. Yes, I would pick and choose out of these options.

        1. – thanks for sharing! Those sound like very peaceful things to do. How long have you been practicing Pranayama? Best, Minel (Team Member)

        2. - 3 years. Not only Pranayama but different types of yogic breathings. At times my breath is the only truth I want to feel.
          - n.

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