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What Treatments Are You Using For Your Insomnia?

  1. I just began CBT-i therapy with a psychologist. It usually takes between 6-8 sessions to retrain yourself to sleep normally again.

    1. – thank you for sharing! I hope you will find success with the CBT-i therapy, please keep us updated on how it goes if you feel comfortable sharing. Best, Minel (Team Member)

  2. I've done every lifestyle change, meditation, sleep hygiene in existence. I was so sleep deprived I ended up in the psychiatric hospital (two months awake). Now I'm on zopiclone - one low dose tablet per night - and it's working a treat. My life is amazing compared to before.

    1. I no longer have insomnia, thank you to a combination of CBTi and acceptance and commitment therapies. When I start to not sleep well, I use what I learned (particularly the acceptance work and stimulus control) to keep it from developing into a relapse.

      Tracy ( Team Member)

      1. Currently a combination of sleep hygiene and restricting, medication as needed, and meditation.

        Amanda ( Team Member)

        1. that's what my therapist is helping me with now. CBT-i is the #1 preferred treatment

        2. How is that going for you? Thinking of you and hoping you get some rest soon! Warmly, Amanda ( Team Member)

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