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Re:sleep CBT-I program

I have chronic insomnia and suffer from anxiety and depression. I tried a CBT-I program called RE:SLEEP which is U.K. based. It did not work for me and made matters worse. Does/did anyone have a similar experience?

  1. I tried sleep station, which I believe is very similar, and I also got a lot worse. Interestingly I was just looking at re sleep and nearly bought it! The reviews are incredible, such a shame it didn’t work

    1. thank you for checking in. No my gp still hasn’t helped with a sleep study, and I’ve not had any treatment for the autoimmune issues. I’m probably worse off than I was last time I checked in here. But ever hopeful! Got nothing if we don’t have hope!

    2. Hi . Have you considered finding a new doctor? This one doesn't sound very responsive. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. Hi . I wish the therapy had been effective for you. I am guessing you committed a lot of work and time to it. I am not familiar with that particular program, but I do know that CBT-I does not work for everyone, despite its high success rates. Here is an article about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Insomnia: Does this sound like the therapy you tried? Do you have any idea what triggered your insomnia? How long have you had trouble sleeping. Are you working with your doctor on alternative approaches? I hope you hear from others in the community and that you eventually find a treatment plan that is effective for you. Warm wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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