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Some success against Insomnia with audio

I've been browsing the forum for a bit and thought some tools I've learned could be helpful.

I've found listening to audio like podcasts, nature documentaries, YouTube history lessons, Audible shorter stories, etc. has been one of my most effective tools in falling asleep. This is especially true when I'm spinning on something from work I can't set aside.

The trick seems to be to find something that's interesting, but not so interesting that I have to listen. Just enough to distract me from whatever is stressing me. It may be genetic, my parents used to listen to talk radio at night and fall asleep to that.

Recently I've been testing an app that I've found does this particularly well, CalmAlma. It's in private beta and I know the developers. It generates content on the fly based on listening (sort of like Pandora). This has been great for me because the other podcasts and documentaries I've used would get repetitive and stop working.

They're looking for testers and you can sign up at if you're interested. It's free.

Hopefully people find that helpful. I'd also be interested if others have found audio to be helpful, or any other similar tools. For me, this has been very helpful.

  1. I sometimes listen to something “boring” on the TV, but I’m often woken by something like commercials or changes in volume. So that’s pretty hit or miss.

    I find that using a fan helps a lot - especially staying asleep. That is if I can get past my mind racing about something. But the fan isn’t so great during the winter.

    I too do the counting thing, but have never started at something so high like 200. My experience has been hit or miss. I think I’ll give counting from 200 a try - thanks for that.

    I’ve tried some meditation apps like Headspace. I liked it but not enough to go past the free trial period. There’s basically no free content on that app.

    The calmalma thing sounds interesting. I’ll check it out since it’s free. I like the idea of listening to something.

    1. Hi . I used to count down from 50, but that wasn't long enough to distract me. Two hundred seems to be the sweet spot for me. Have you tried turning the fan in a different direction in the winter so you still get the sound, but it's not blowing on you? I hope the Calmalm app is helpful for you. Warmest of wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. Hi . I am glad you found something that helps and thanks for sharing the link. Distraction can be so helpful when stress is the trigger for insomnia. I find counting backward from 200 helps. I often have to start over because my mind strays, but I can focus long enough, I fall asleep. I hope others chime in here with what helps them. Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

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