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Sound Machines for Sleep

Have you tried sound machines to help you sleep at night? Or other noisemakers like a ceiling fan?

  1. Due to GAD and increase of anxiety before bedtime I like it very quiet.

    1. It’s so important we all find what works for us 😊 The only sound I have going is the gentle whoosh from my husbands cpap machine 😊

      Simone (Team Member)

  2. I generally use sleep sounds apps instead of sound machines (which works for me most of the times.)
    Here are few apps I always keep installed on my device and helps me to sleep well. Editorial Team Amanda Osowski April Pulliam

    1. ...awesome! Thank you for sharing! I am looking the up now! April,, Moderator

  3. i can NOT sleep without my phone playing thunderstorms from asoftmurmer! So relaxing, keeps out tons of the Outside Noise and just... it's lovely.

    1. Great you’ve found the one that works for you!

      Simone (Team Member)

  4. Yes! In the past have used sound machines & air purifiers. Now, it's the ceiling fan and my CPAP Machine, a relaxer med & anti-anxiety med from Doc, OTC Melatonin, as well as an Ear plug in my left ear, LOL...I sleep on my right side.

    1. Sounds like quite a routine but seems like you’ve got it all under control now!

      Simone (Team Member)

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