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Getting Started on the Insomnia Community

New to the Insomnia.Sleep-Disorders.net community? Welcome! We are a collection of people living with the condition, healthcare providers with experience treating insomnia, and others dedicated to bringing you the best this sleepless world can offer.

Tips and tricks for managing insomnia

It's not unusual for our go-to tricks to eventually lose their steam. That's why it is important to constantly refresh your Rolodex of go-to coping techniques. If you find yourself constantly on the hunt for new ways and methods to manage your insomnia, check out some of these articles:

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Managing insomnia and other health conditions

Likewise, insomnia is often coupled with other health conditions, as either a side effect or symptom. Feeling lost in your experience managing multiple comorbidities? Start with these related articles:

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Personal accounts of insomnia spells

Insomnia can often leave us feeling very alone, both literally and figuratively, but that is not the case! Find some solace among your peers with these personal accounts from Health Leaders:

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Parenting while also surviving insomnia

Being a parent is already one of the toughest (but most rewarding) jobs a person can have. Couple that with insomnia, and it can really feel like an uphill battle. Lean on other parents in the insomnia community by applying skills and tips to help manage:


Welcome again to the insomnia community. We are thrilled you found us, and we hope you find everything you need! But if not, make sure you register and start the conversation you're looking for.

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