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Meditation and Sleep

Have you tried meditation to help with your insomnia? Is there one technique you feel works better than others?

  1. I take Quetiapine and for the first time in 30 years i am getting a full 8 hrs sleep

    1. Well I listen to relaxing music. There so many YouTube channels for meditating or relaxing music. So that works for me. I just close my eyes and listen to ambient music/natures sound/birds sound/rain whatever sounds that makes my mind calmer and peaceful. It does not help with only sleeping problems but stress, restlessness, well so many thing. It works.

      1. thanks for sharing! I'm so glad that you found something that works for you! Best, Allison (Team Member)

    2. I have used Yoga Nidra with some success -- specifically via InsightTimer, with best meditations by Grace Warlick and Hilary Jackendoff. But lately I've been doing tapping meditations on the Breethe app before bed (sometimes outside on the chaise lounge in the back yard) followed by bedtime hypnotherapy, also amply offered on Breethe. The latter is intense, and usually works (except, as I'm sure fellow insomniacs can relate to, when it doesn't).

      1. ...thank you for sharing this with the community! I love Insight Timer. I have been using it since mid-July--it's a great alternative to Calm.

        Tapping is something I have yet to try. That's a great suggestion!

        April,, Moderator

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