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Allergies and Insomnia

How do seasonal allergies impact your sleep? Are you able to get rest despite the itching and stuffiness?

  1. I am currently suffering right now and ended up with a sinus infection because of them. Thankfully the allergy medication puts me to sleep.

    1. With a stuffy nose, a CPAP and itchy eyes, sleep is a tough task. Even with air conditioners, air purifiers and other mitigations, I don't sleep well when the seasons change. Vanessa,, Moderator

      1. I live in East Tennessee so my allergies this time of year are crazy. I don't get itchy, but I get the stuffy nose and all of the other fun symptoms. I find sleeping with a humidifier somewhat helps.

        1. ... Fellow Tennessean here! I am in West Tennessee and have the same fun stuff going with my nose. I haven't tried a humidifier--thanks for the tip!

          April,, Moderator

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