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Parenting and Insomnia

I'm a worrier--I think I worry enough for both myself and my kids. Parenting questions keep me awake many nights. I've tried some of the calming techniques found here on the site, but some nights I am too overwhelmed to get any rest at all. Anyone else in the same boat?

April,, Moderator

  1. I have Insomnia anyway, but when my kids are going through something it seems to make it so much worse! Journaling helps me so I can put my worries on paper. Once I see them on paper I am able to see them more rationally. Recently my 16 year old just started his first job and I did not sleep for three days and on the forth day, journaling the benefits of him having a job eased the anxiety and helped me rest a bit. Mom guilt and anxiety have always been one of my biggest contributors to insomnia once I had children.

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